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Strengthen your personal and professional relationships with Empathy First.

We are a Brisbane social enterprise  here to help you create happier, healthier, more effective workplaces and communities - and save lives - through empathy training.

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Making people feel heard, valued and visible is the forgotten skills in the leadership and managerial toolkits.

If you want a profitable, sustainable company and a happy, healthy, engaged workforce then Empathy First training and coaching can help you.

Empathy First Training goes beyond checklists, action plans and posters to embark on a journey of self-reflection and connection.

What is Empathy?

Many of us think of empathy as simply 'feeling the feelings' or 'walking in their shoes', however these are only two of the three different types of empathy and combine to make a third - Compassionate Empathy which is the ability to share an understand the feelings of another person, and respond appropriately.  


And there's a LOT in there that we need to practice - listening, connecting, responding, emotional self-awareness, self-reflection, values, judgements - and THAT'S where empathy training comes in. Empathy Training helps you to practice communicating in a way that makes others feel heard, valued and visible.  

At Empathy First, we teach you WHAT empathy really is, WHY it matters to you personally and professionally and HOW to communicate with empathy in a healthy and safe way.

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Empathy training and coaching with 
Leanne Butterworth

Hello!  I'm Leanne Butterworth and I'm on a mission to create happy and healthy workforces by empowering leaders with empathy skills that will create a thriving, productive and sustainable business - and save lives.


Research tell us that empathetic leadership is the foundation of a successful organisation and that we should all be practicing empathy on a daily basis for healthy relationships and businesses.

However, very few of us have been taught what healthy empathy really is, why it matters and much less, how to communicate with empathy in a way that is safe and doesn't burn us out.

That's where Empathy First comes in - our unique Empathy Training teaches you how to harness the positive power of empathy in a way that is personal, practical, memorable and accessible.  

Contact me today and let's talk about how you can put Empathy First.


Our Impact

Who we've worked with

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The changes they've made

  • I am a better listener when people are talking about their mental health and have been able to comfortably ask them if and how I can help them.

  • A student said she was having very concerning self-harm and suicidal thoughts.  She said I made her feel like she wasn't alone after speaking with her.

  • I give them a safe space, we talk, we breathe, do whatever is needed to help them at the time

  • I have been taking my time to listen more

  • I have been using an invitation to suggest help for clients, instead of telling them what they "should" do

  • I have not been afraid to approach the subject. I know not to say I am sorry that has happened to you, but to let them know that some things he/she has experienced would make anyone struggle and that struggling is a normal experience and there is help. 

  • I just closed my mouth and listened (for once :).

  • I was tempted to say "just" relax.  Instead I invited them to take break with me.  We strolled and talked.  

  • I work with mobile crisis, so there have been several calls I've been on since the workshop... It has been easier to connect with people vs just seeing it as just another call.

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Our Empathy Training has been deliberately crafted to show you how to build connection with your colleagues, clients, family and friends. Regardless of your industry, we can help you transform your workplace to be happy, healthy and successful.

It starts with you and it starts with Empathy First.

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