Leadership + Empathy = Retention, Rewards & Results.

Our aim is to create happier, healthier, more effective workplaces and communities - and save lives - through empathy. 

From engaging online courses, captivating group presentations and informative podcasts you'll be transformed by the memorable, easy-to-use content.

Making people feel Heard, Valued and Visible is the forgotten skill in leadership and managerial toolkits. 

If you want a profitable, sustainable company and a happy and healthy workforce and have had enough of check lists and posters that tell people about mental health rather than engaging them emotionally,

then Empathy First can help you.



Our courses have been deliberately crafted to show you how to build connection with your colleagues, clients, family and friends. Regardless of your industry, we can help you transform your workplace to be happy, healthy and successful.

It starts with You and it starts with Empathy First.

Learn to better support your grieving friends and family.


Free checklist of DO's and DON'Ts

Are you communicating with empathy in your emails?


Download this free checklist before you send your next email.

Online Empathy Training

Empathy First online empathy training offers self paced and guided courses to help you harness the positive power of Empathy.  Transform your workplace into an employer of choice by strengthening your relationships with colleagues, clients, and yourself.  

Empathy Quiz

Compassionate empathy is the key to strengthening your relationships.


Take this quiz to find out if you as empathetic as you think you are



The Empathy Podcast

Join us as we explore the role of empathy and mental health in a variety of professions and experiences.  So far we've had enlightening conversations with engineers, soldiers, nurses, paramedics and artists.  Most recently we explored empathy and grief.  Watch video interviews.

What is Empathy Training?

Empathy is often misunderstood and feared in our lives and our businesses.  This article explores the concept of empathy and how empathy training can strengthen your personal and business relationships. 

Advanced Empathy Training

Our advanced empathy training incorporates experiential learning with a focus on mental illness and communication.


Workshops can be conducted online or in person and adapted to the needs of your workplace. 

Empathy Coaching

Empathy Coaching challenges you to think differently about how you approach your relationships.

It is the ideal next step after taking the Empathy Fundamentals course and provides personal insight and opportunities for growth.



Leanne Butterworth


Hello!  I'm Leanne Butterworth and my aim is to change the world through empathy.

I truly believe if we can show enough people how to make a difference through empathy, together we will create more effective and happier workplaces - and save lives.


Leanne Butterworth is mother to Rowan and Zara, has a degree in Applied Science and a Graduate Certificate in Business (Nonprofit and Philanthropy Studies).  She received a George Alexander Foundation Scholarship, was inducted onto the Nu Lambda Mu International Honor Roll, won the 2018 QUT Ubercamp, was invited to meet His Royal Highness, the Duke of York, participated in the Sunshine Coast Innovation Centre Health Tech Accelerator and works with Queensland Social Enterprise Council. 


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