Empathy Training Workshops and Speaking
With Leanne Butterworth

"Empathy is one of our greatest tools of business that is most underused".
Daniel Lubetzky

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Easy, Effective, Engaging.

Empathetic Communication Workshops provide a strong foundation for organisations to prioritise employee engagement, have an open-minded approach to improving organisational culture, build effective communication and feedback and create genuine, attentive working relationships. 


By equipping leaders, future leaders and teams with the tools to communicate so those around them feel heard, valued and visible, we elevate the emotional architecture of how a group of people interact. In a workplace, this often looks like,

  • Better mental health

  • Improved engagement with tasks and projects

  • Well regarded brand reputation 

  • Increased customer service and loyalty.


Empathy ≠ Intrinsic 

Research tells us empathetic leadership is the foundation of a successful organisation and by practicing empathy on a daily basis, we can foster healthier relationships and extend the profitability of our businesses.


However, it is important to remember that as leaders, we cannot handpick empathetic employees based off an interview or personality test. Empathy is a skill that must be developed and practiced and enthusiastically supported by leaders who echo the same empathetic approach to organisational directives. 


Flexible Workplace Empathy Training

Adapted to your industry, I offer a range of in-person and online empathetic communication workshops and speaking opportunities to enhance empathetic communication. It is one of the quickest, most effective ways to better connect with your clients, customers and colleagues in a memorable, innovative, enjoyable setting.

For professionals in the medical, allied health, mental health or emergency services, we offer an Advanced Virtual Reality Mental Health Literacy Program Lose Your Mind VR. is available.

Empathy Training Costs

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Price on application for workshops and courses, with discounts offered to non-profits and social enterprises. I am available for travel within Australia. 


Learn more about our impact and the changes our participants' experience on our impact page.



Workshops & Speaking Options


Up to 90 minutes
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2 hours - Full Day
Friendly Conversation


Multiple Sessions

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