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Empathy and Menopause at Work with Sonya Lovell!

Updated: Nov 19, 2023


Episode 33 - The Professional Empathy Podcast

Empathy and Menopause at Work with Sonya Lovell.

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In this episode of the Professional Empathy Podcast, Leanne chats with Sonya Lovell, menopause speaker, podcaster, and personal trainer about empathy and menopause at work. They delve into the importance of empathy and understanding during the menopausal transition and how to support those going through it. Sonya draws from her personal experience of an induced menopause after breast cancer to empower women navigating midlife and menopause, and she normalises the conversation around menopause in the workplace. Links from today's discussion

Full Video Episode (44 mins)


  1. A Resilient Journey: Sonya shared her journey of navigating an induced menopause at 47, shedding light on the lack of support, preparation, and education during this challenging phase.

  2. Closing the Knowledge Gap: Our discussion highlighted the global education gap surrounding terms like perimenopause, menopause, and menopause transition, emphasising the hurdles women face in seeking understanding and support, particularly in the workplace.

  3. Empathy in Action through Conversation: Sonya's podcast, "Dear Menopause," seeks to normalise the conversation around menopause by featuring stories and insights from women and industry leaders, empowering those navigating midlife and menopausal transitions.

  4. Workplace Empathy as a Catalyst: We underscored the pivotal role of empathy, education, and support within the workplace. Open discussions about menopause can cultivate a more empathetic environment, positively impacting women's lives, careers, and overall well-being.

  5. Unveiling the Business Impact: Recognising and supporting women during menopause can contribute to a more diverse, knowledgeable, and stable workforce, as women post-menopause often become revered leaders within their communities.


  • Educate Yourself and Others: Proactively seek information about menopause to bridge the knowledge gap. Share resources and encourage workplace discussions to foster understanding. Sonya has some great resources that can help.

  • Create Supportive Policies: Advocate for workplace policies that support individuals experiencing menopause. This could include flexible work hours, wellness programs, or awareness campaigns.

  • Promote Open Dialogue: Encourage open conversations about menopause in the workplace. This could involve hosting workshops, inviting speakers, or incorporating menopause awareness into diversity and inclusion initiatives.

  • Empathetic Leadership: Leaders, be attuned to the needs of your team members. Offer support, create a safe space for discussions, and consider adjustments that accommodate individual experiences during menopause.

  • Normalise Menopause Conversations: Break the silence around menopause in your personal and professional circles. Normalise discussions, share experiences, and contribute to creating a culture of empathy.

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