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Empathy and Sales with Cian Mcloughlin

Updated: Apr 22

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The Empathy Podcast E11

Show Notes/Timestamps

On this episode of The Empathy Podcast we speak to Cian Mc Loughlin, keynote speaker and CEO at Trinity Perspectives. Cian discusses with us what part empathy plays in the sales process, taking care of your own mental health and what part that plays in improving your sales. We hope you enjoy this relevant, informative and enlightening episode of The Empathy Podcast.


In this episode we explore how empathy and mental health can improve sales performance and how everyone, including those in business, startups, and non-profit organisations, needs sales skills. Cian discusses the negative perception of salespeople due to the behaviour of some individuals in the sales industry, but emphasizes that the majority of salespeople are customer-centric and care about their customers' outcomes. He also highlights traits of successful salespeople, such as introversion, good listening skills, and a desire to help. Salespeople are responsible for keeping money flowing into a business, which supports other employees and their families. Cian encourages more respect for the sales profession and its importance in organizations.

Key Takeaways

  1. Empathetic sales skills matter for everyone in business, non-profit, and fundraising.

  2. The negative perception of salespeople is often associated with high-pressure sales tactics and unwanted phone calls.

  3. Successful salespeople tend to be introverted, good listeners, humble, and focused on helping their customers.

  4. It's vital to build long-term relationships with customers, rather than simply making a quick sale and disappearing.

  5. Salespeople play an important role in keeping money flowing into a business and protecting the livelihoods of employees.

  6. There is a direct connection between empathy and mental health, suggesting that being kind to oneself and more empathetic to customers can lead to better sales outcomes as well as employee wellbeing.

Time Stamps

0 – 1.37 – Introduction to the show

1.38 – 6.43 – Cian touches on empathy and the challenges facing salespeople.

8.51 – 10.39 – Social enterprise and listening to the customer.

10.59 – 13.29 – Who will this conversation appeal to and learn from?

13.31 – 16.20 – Understanding your product and the customer.

16.21 – 20.52 – Dealing with failure and rejection.

20.53 – 23.36 – Learning to sell.

23.37 – 27.29 – Sales agenda.

27.30 – 30.25 – Making an impact in sales.

30.26 – 32.08 – Non-profit sector.

32.09 – 36.15 – Developing a relationship with the customer.

36.16 – 38.43 – The importance of mental and physical health in sales.

38.44 – 41.31 – Dealing with stress and pressure in sales.

41.32 – 43.22 – Financial pressure.

43.23 – 46.56 – Empathetic leadership.

47.09 – 49.45 – Cian takes advice on taking care of your mental health in sales.

49.46 – 52.03 – Setting your boundaries.

52.04 – 53.20 – Allowing yourself to have down time.

53.21 – 55.08 – Taking time to Self-reflect.

55.11 – 57.26 – Acknowledgements and promotion.

57.33 – 59.02 – Leanne reflects on the podcast and end credits.


About Cian

Cian is the founder and CEO of Trinity Perspectives, a boutique training and consulting company specialising in Win Loss Analysis and Sales Transformation.

Author of the Amazon #1 bestseller Rebirth of the Salesman and co-author of the Amazon #1 bestseller Secrets for Business Success, Cian is a regular sales and marketing commentator in the mainstream media. His blog was recently voted one of the Top 50 Sales Blogs in the world for the fourth year running, by Top Sales World Magazine.

With a business career spanning 20 years, including senior management roles in a number of the world’s largest software companies, Cian’s expertise includes keynote speaking, facilitation and training, consulting and advisory activities.

Cian and his team are passionate about changing the perception of the sales industry and helping their clients to prosecute opportunities effectively and with integrity and authenticity.

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