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Empathy in Vet Science with Dr Evan Shaw

Updated: Jan 19, 2022

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The Empathy Podcast E14

Show Notes/Timestamps

In this episode we speak to Veterinarian Dr Evan Shaw about his life as a working vet. Dr Shaw discusses his own experiences with mental health, his multiple sclerosis, the financial implications of being a vet and how vets are faced with difficult decisions every day. It is clear from the discussion that mental health support still has barriers that need addressing. We hope you enjoy this informative, interesting and sincere episode of The Empathy Podcast.

0 – 46 Introduction to the show.

1.20 – 3.11 Dr Evans explains his professional background from leaving school to becoming a vet.

3.12 – 4.52 How the question of “How are you?” has become more genuine in current times.

4.53 - 5.55 Dr Evans discusses his MS and the importance of his own mental health.

5.58 - 7.26 Mental health has taken a front seat due to Coronavirus people are now confronting personal struggles and the difficulty’s brought about by Coronavirus and lockdown.

7.28 - 11.58 Dr Evans discusses the importance of talking about mental health and listening to others.

13.00 - 18.03 What it’s like to be a vet and the challenges of treating various species.

18.16 - 23.51 where does empathy play into the life of a vet? And what medicine costs.

23.52 - 28.34 Leanne talks about facing a difficult decision when her Greyhound was ill., while Dr Evans explains the kindness of euthanasia.

30.15 – 34.10 Animal welfare.

34.11 - 41.06 The lack of mental health in University and a lack of education on how to run a business while studying veterinary medicine.

41.07- 48.44 Self compassion.

50.27 – 53.06 Benefits of having a pet.

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