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Empathy and Disability Inclusion with Ainslee Hooper

Today we discuss empathy and Disability Inclusion with Ainslee Hooper. We learn about how being inclusive benefits individuals, businesses and communities and the steps we can all take every day to create a more empathetic and inclusive world for those with a disability. Ainslee speaks openly about her experience of having a disability as well as the important work she does as a disability inclusion consultant. Ainslee Hooper is an Anthropologist & Disability Inclusion Consultant who, through her lived experience of disability and professional expertise, empowers businesses and organisations to remove invisible barriers and reduce the risk of ableism.

Ainslee Hooper Consulting


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Empathy and Grief with Tiffany Bartlett

On this special (Halloween) episode of the empathy podcast I spoke to Tiffany Bartlett, a widow who lost her husband 4 months ago at the age of 33. Tiffany opens up about her experience so that we can all learn how to better support our friends and family who are grieving - to make their journey easier, not harder.


We do discuss some deep topics so please be prepared and if this episode brings up any emotions for you, please seek support.


You can find Tiff on TikTok at @tiffilynn

For a free fact sheet on the DO's and DON'Ts of Empathy and Grief, click here.

Empathy and the Professional Athlete with Libby Trickett OAM

On this episode of The Empathy Podcast, Leanne interviews multiple Olympic gold medalist swimmer and former 100 metre freestyle world record holder, Libby Trickett. Leanne and Libby discuss the importance of empathy within the pro athlete space and the impact internal pressure can have on the outcome of elite sporting performances.  They also discuss the vital role of teammates in success and mental health.

Instagram: @Libby_Trickett

Beneath the Surface: A Memoir


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Empathy and social media (TikTok) with @hellodaveshaw

Dave Shaw (@hellodaveshaw) and I had a ball recording this episode of The Empathy Podcast. We talked about mental health, empathy and social media - in particular - TikTok and how to take care of your mental health whilst having fun on the App.


Listen to the podcast interview here or watch the full video version below.


Find and follow Dave on TikTok and Instagram at @hellodaveshaw.

Empathy and Surgery and the mental health of surgeons with Dr Christopher Maguire

On this episode of The Empathy Podcast we discuss empathy and mental health in the Surgical Profession with Paediatric Surgical Registrar Dr Christopher Maguire. To explore empathy being a two way street, Dr Maguire talks about the experience and challenges of being a surgeon as well as the role empathy for patients and colleagues plays in the surgical profession. We hope you enjoy this informative, engaging and inspiring episode of The Empathy Podcast.


If you'd like to follow Dr Maguire on TikTok you can find him at chris_r_maguire

Empathy and Entrepreneurship with Nick Shewring

On this episode of The Empathy Podcast we discuss empathy and mental health in entrepreneurship with Nick Shewring. Nick discusses his own personal experiences and how having empathy can play an important role in being a successful entrepreneur and intrapreneur. 

** Language warning on this one.